Your Testimonials


Jodi R. (Toronto)
“I’m currently wearing it as I type – 24 weeks pregnant and I love the shirt! …I’ve tucked the shirt into the maternity waistband of my jeans, and it’s comfortable and seamless.
The pads really absorb and so my blazers are being salvaged from the sweat – meaning no embarrassing sweat circles and I don’t need to dry clean as regularly as I otherwise would.”


Sarah (Maryland)
“Wow! I am thrilled beyond thrilled with my new Fresh Camisole. I have the nude and I will be buying a black one too. I wore my nude twice already - once to an important business meeting and to a baby shower and both times the camisole did exactly what it promised. Finally I felt like I could relax, enjoy and do what needed to be done instead of worrying about sweat (!) and ruining my blouses.

Best of all, I can now wear my pretty but delicate blouses - the ones I kept in the back of my closet wanting to wear but never dared. Fresh Camisoles are worth every penny and will change your life and your wardrobe. I don't recommend products often but I seriously believe every woman should own one of these. Thank you, thank you!"


Katy (New York)
(Suffers from hyperhidrosis, a medical condition which results in extreme sweating) –“ I received my order with the extra pink cami in there. Really, thanks so much. I’m so excited with them that I’m constantly washing them and wearing them again. I hope you guys do really well and I’ll definitely be ordering more.”


Anne (Ottawa)
(Suffers from hyperhidrosis) – “First of all, thanks so much for sending two shirts! I received the shirts on Saturday and promptly wore one to a holiday party on Saturday night. Usually by the end of the night I’ve sweat through my blazer (can you imagine what a torture this is? I’m also a clean-freak so for me, it’s torture) and I must say that there was no sweat marks - leaps and bounds above what I’m used to with these kinds of products. I was so happy with it, I put on the other one the next day under my tee and cashmere sweater and had NO problems.”


Jason (BC) (Buying for his wife)
“ wife already has one of your shirts and loves it. Keep up the great work!”


Helena B. (Toronto)
“This shirt has changed by life.”


Laura M. (Toronto)
"I bought Tickled Pink Fresh Camisoles because I was so sick and tired of wearing black to be safe at the office. I now fearlessly wear any color and any fabric to work because the Fresh Camisole keeps the sweat from creeping onto my clothes. It is amazing! Another perk of the shirt has been less dry cleaning, because my clothes don’t smell of deodorant at the end of one wear. Well worth the money. I swear I have saved on dry cleaning what I spent on the shirt in just this past month! Great product.”


Ali R. (Toronto)
“Silk is now a staple in my wardrobe, thanks to Tickled Pink Fresh Camisoles. Loving the fashion freedom and the confidence I have going to work every day knowing that I don’t have to restrict my arm movements fearing embarrassing pit stains. This is doing for women what Hanes undershirts did for men! Finally!!!”