Tickled Pink: We’ve got you covered.

What is a Foundation Garment?

  • Part undershirt, part camisole, part miracle, the
  • Tickled Pink Foundation Garment is a soft, feminine
  • and versatile solution to underarm perspiration,
  • pit stains and yellowing. Now you can wear your
  • favourite clothing with total confidence.

Key Features:

  • Discreet neckline
  • Underarm protection
  • Deep v-neckline for invisible wear
  • Fitted to your feminine frame

Our Secret is in the Technology

  • Each garment boasts a triple layer pit pad to keep you
  • fresh and dry, at work or at play, any time of day. We've
  • kept the pit pad super thin to ensure all day comfort.

the technology


Sweating is the Pits

In our research, we discovered
that 97% of the women we
surveyed suffer from the nasty
and humiliating effects of
underarm perspiration.

  • No more wardrobe restrictions.
    Wear whatever you please,
    no sweat stains, no underam
    yellowing, no worries.
  • Toss those sticky, so-called
    “absorbent” sweat pads that are
    more trouble than they’re worth
  • Stop feeling self-conscious
    and uncomfortable during
    daily activities.
  • Say No to harsh remedies such
    as heavy duty antiperspirant or
    chemical treatments
  • Cut down on expensive
    dry cleaning bills
  • SWEAT FACT No. 12

    The human body can produce a maximum of two to three liters of sweat per hour, under extreme conditions .

  • SWEAT FACT No. 44

    Some health professionals caution against the use of aluminium compounds found in antiperspirants.

  • SWEAT FACT No. 11

    Women have more sweat glands than men.