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  • 07/23/2013

    Zoe's Fashion Feed - It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity: a smart, eco friendly solution to protect your clothes and class.

    So here’s the thing, I sweat. Well, we all do, but lately I have been sweating more. Not only because of New York’s recent heat wave, but because of a bold decision to switch from antiperspirant to deodorant. I’m not a fan of underarm perspiration, but I think there is something heavily unnatural and increasingly scary about plugging my glands with aluminium based compounds. I made the switch a few months ago, but my conviction was certainly put to the test....

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    Vitamin Daily - GLOW WITH DISCRETION

    Sweating might be healthy, but the aftereffects are far from desirable.

    Whether layering on the antipersiprant or skipping the deodorant altogether, a case of nerves or an overheated boardroom can have us discreetly checking our underarms for telltale signs. So when we heard about Tickled Pink...

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    I Want, I Got, Anita Clarke - Tickled Pink Foundation Garment by Saxton Chayse

    Foundation garments are a staple in my wardrobe. The use slips, camisole and tshirts are a common practice in my fashion world. I’ve added a new must have item to my foundational garment roster, the Tickled Pink undershirt. It’s the perfect garment as it works as an undershirt and prevents sweat marks and pit stains without resorting to...

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    Lainey Gossip - The Anti-Pit-Stainer

    This is really embarrassing but I sweat a lot –any fashion tips on how to have it stop staining my tops? - T

    I’m a sweater too. So much so that 5 years ago I self-diagnosed myself with hyperhidrosis. For realz, like, on a semi-warm day my boob and back sweat could hydrate a small village. So T, I feel your pain, it’s sad, gross and yes, hella embarrassing. Now you’re in luck because I discovered something...

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    Elle Canada - Sweaty Betty, by Joana Lourenco

    Shouldn't every girl have the RIGHT to wear a silk blouse?

    Too much of a good thing.Humans have anywhere from two to four million sweat glands spread over the body. These glands function to regulate the body’s core temperature, cooling it down when it overheats. In some people, however, these glands become ...

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    Chick Advisor - New Products for Face, Body, Hair and More!

    SaxtonChayse Tickled Pink Fitted Top (C$39.99) has built in absorbing pads in the arm pit area to keep you fresh and dry. Cool, eh?...

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    Marilyn Denis - Episode: The Perfect Tee

    Angie Smith climbs Manchu Pichu in a Tickled Pink Undergarment...

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  • SWEAT FACT No. 12

    The human body can produce a maximum of two to three liters of sweat per hour, under extreme conditions .

  • SWEAT FACT No. 44

    Some health professionals caution against the use of aluminium compounds found in antiperspirants.

  • SWEAT FACT No. 11

    Women have more sweat glands than men.