About Us — We’re Tickled Pink You Want to Know

Founded by old friends Lena and Ashleigh, SaxtonChayse is a Canadian company dedicated to developing functional yet flirty products to fit the lifestyle of the smart and sassy woman.

Our company was (naturally) created by us – Lena and Ashleigh. As childhood friends, former roommates and partners in crime, we always have something up our sleeve. Our company name, Saxton-Chayse, is a reflection of the bold, fun, and fearless side of our personalities that we wanted to be at the foundation of our company.

Our Tickled Pink™ line of foundation garments materialized one night over a little girl talk and a shared frustration for downtown dressing. We both confessed a shared dilemma – how to wear a tailored, button down shirt without sporting telltale underarm perspiration marks. As a

solution, we decided to start our own line for women that was practical enough for the boardroom and pretty enough for the bedroom.

Buttoned down to business.

Our first iteration? A basic white -shirt with a panty liner stuck inside. Not exactly glamorous but we knew we were on to something! Driven to create a product that would allow us to wear anything with total confidence, we devoted the next few years to perfecting the ‘pit pad’ and design of the foundation garment.



Women have more sweat glands than men.